St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church in the village Belostok Krivosheinsky district, Tomsk region 

The church was built in 1908-1910 by the decision of the Polish Catholic community of the village. Several specialists on the outside were hired to construct the church, local peasants Franz Chiblis and Stanislav Ioch were in charge of the construction from the side of the community.

It was consecrated in 1910 by Fr. Joseph Demikis, the Rector of Tomsk Catholic Parish and the Dean of the Tomsk Catholic Deanary. He belonged to the Malichev-Bialystok parish, gave spiritual guidance on the territory of the Novo-Aleksandrovsky volost, Tomsk district. Since 1913 Fr. Nikolai Mikhasenok did it, being the rector of the Catholic parishes in  the settlements of Dvurechensk, Malichevsky and Belostok. In the period between 1918 and 1921 the priest František Grabowski also served in the parish of Belostok; in 1918 he was deported to Malichevka (and shot in 1921). In 1923 Fr. Nikolai Mikhasenok moved to Tomsk out of fear to be arrested. The church in Belostok was not closed, Divine Services were celebrated by Fr. Julian Gronsky, who came from Tomsk. After the arrest of Gronsky and several church activists, the services were stopped (not earlier than the February of 1929 and not later than the April of 1931).

In the summer of 1938 the church was looted -  the church utensils and icons were thrown out onto the street, the inventory and furniture were requisitioned in favor of the village council and the collective farm. Officially closed in 1940, during the war years the church in Belostok was used as a grain store, and then reequipped into a club. The church was reconstructed in the late 1940s (nine lower temple rims were removed, an electric drill was installed in the bell tower, and the spire was dropped).

In 1990 the building of the former church was returned to the newly created Catholic community for "gratis-perpetual" use. The restoration of the church was started by the Tomsk priest – Fr. Kazimierz Yuzvik: in 1994 he ordered a reconstruction project by the German architects. The building of the church was dismantled and moved to a new place. The end of the restoration works and preparing the church for the consecration was directed by Fr. Adam Romanyuk (since 1995). A big contribution to this  process was made by Fr. Andrzej Duklewski, as well as by the residents of Belostok themselves. After the reconstruction, the church was again consecrated in June 13, 1998 – at the memory day of St. Anthony of Padua in the Catholic Church calendar - by the head of the Apostolic Administration of the Asian part of Russia, bishop Joseph Vert. Nowadays, the Society of Jesuists - serving in the Tomsk Catholic parish of the Protection of Our Lady, Queen of the Holy Rosary - gives a spiritual guidence in Belostok